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New Beginnings Bodywork & Wellness Studio (MM39995/MA52387)
'A New Beginning With Healing Hands'

Hi there my Name is Sarah Rodriguez. My family and I moved to Cape Coral, from Bradenton! We couldn't be happier, with the sense of community we have been welcomed with. I am VERY passionate about my career and I look forward to helping alleviate any tension and stress you may be encountering. I love the art of Massage Therapy and its healing principles! I have learned a great deal over the years and I have also acquired a specific technique that has been helping my clients along the way! First we will briefly go over your health history and I will take a quick structural analysis of your body and listen to any areas of concern you may be seeing or feeling. During the massage I will allow your body to slowly walk me through your muscles and fascia to release pain, tension, and any holding patterns it may have. Almost always this has brought me to the exact area of pain or its trigger point, that is present at the time of my client's appointment. I look forward to being able to help you achieve mobility and wellness through Stretching, Relaxation Modalities and Massage Therapy. Be sure to call today, (239) 314-8569, and experience the tension and pain begin to leave your body. "A New Beginning With Healing Hands"

"A New Beginning With Healing Hands"




1617 Santa Barbara BLVD.

Suite 9

Cape Coral, FL. 33991


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